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Bring our quality skirting boards into your homes and offices to add a subtle touch and practical support to the walls. We have got you the most versatile collection for PVC skirting in Abu Dhabi to give the most refined look to your interiors. Our skirting can make your rooms look more inviting in appearance.

We have a range of wooden stains, finishes, and color tones available for the skirting.
You can get our skirting boards in a wide range of profiles and selected heights for your walls.
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Now you can give your wall base the sleekest look with our flexible PVC skirting made from expanded vinyl resin and 2m long bars. These bars and skirting boards are designed to protect the base part of your walls from sharp elements and spills. Our manufacturers have made these skirting boards with a range of thicknesses according to the space type.

We use high-density fiber boards to make these skirting board covers. Our PVC Skirting Abu Dhabi for the kitchen is sturdier, and it can stand intense use, like kitchen spills and stains. Our craftsmen make easy-to-fix modular skirting with robust materials like MDF and polyvinyl resin glued on the wall using special adhesives and materials like silicone, screws, and nails.

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Top Quality Pvc Skirting
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Our skirting PVC has exclusive pros and features that add to its functionality and versatility. We have a wide variety available for skirting as you can get them in plenty of colors like white, light and dark grey, black, and wooden finishes. It will not only act as a barrier against the harsh elements but also hide the uneven junction between the walls and floors.

They are resistant to chemical agents, moisture, stains, and fade and are the ideal choice to install in the kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. These boards are light, stable, and flat and are the perfect choice for all wooden, tile, and laminate floors. It is far easier to care for and clean the PVC skirting Abu Dhabi.

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Flooring Abu Dhabi has been a well-reputed, experienced skirting manufacturer for over a decade. Our finely crafted skirting board covers are an ideal decor choice for wall renovations. You can get the best PVC skirting Dubai services from us by booking an online appointment. We give you assurance about our quality services and your valuable investment.

pvc skirting in dubai

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When you appoint us for installation, we send our adept and efficient handymen to your service. They have all the essential supplies and tools for quick PVC Welding Rods and PVC Skirting Abu Dhabi installation. We never disappoint our customers in any way and give them customized services as they demand from us.

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You can select the size and height of the boards as per your styling needs and preference.

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We glue down the skirting boards according to the specification of clients and design needs.

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We are readily available for our prestigious customers if they need our assistance. Our team responds to them quickly for any query.

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With our competent services and expert assistance, we proudly claim to be the top-tier PVC skirting shop throughout Dubai. We take the lead as we are the best in professionalism and experience. You can get a customized solution for the PVC skirting Abu Dhabi and adorn your spaces uniquely with us.

We give you a guarantee over the long term investment and also offer discounts on products.
You will be amazed by the quick serviceability of the faster shipping by our team.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to minimize the maintenance tasks, it is better not to have wooden skirting on the base portion of the walls. To retain the fresh finish and easier cleaning, you should go with PVC skirting, which is more durable than wood and doesn’t get cracked or chipped easily.

Sticking of PVC requires a miter block, and a toothed saw for cutting after mark placement. Then after positioning, use the contact adhesives on the back and press the skirting boards firmly on the wall. Repeat the same process with another door jamb.

If there is a laminate or tile floor, leave a gap between the floor and the skirting board. However, skirting boards can be fitted with carpets or touch the floors. However, installing skirting boards with minor gaps is recommended so they don’t touch the floors.