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Buy our sublime quality welding rods for repairing and fixing your home and office pipes or other PVC products. We offer clients the best quality rods of different types based on their functional features at fair rates. If you want quality rods, you can come to us anytime or order our accessories online.

We provide rods that are suitable for a wide variety of applications in commercial and local places.
You can get our rods made from powder content and available in different colors.
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Here we have summed up some of the prominent features of purchasing quality rods from us. Our rods offer high-end electrical insulation and maximum resistance to chemicals. Besides the excellent stability, these rods are highly resistant to moisture, algae, and mold. Our low-cost PVC welding rods are effortlessly bondable and can be installed fastly.

You can get these rods in different colors and diameters sizes. Other than the availability of different PVC welding rod sizes, we also offer other related accessories like welders, welder tips, and plastic cement which can be used perfectly on vinyl floors, windows, and fences.

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We are facilitating you with well-trained and qualified handymen that will provide exceptional services while not wasting your precious time. If you are looking for an expert team for PVC welding services, stop your search here and trust our team for avant-garde services. You can get on the different welding rods to add dimensional stability to your household pipes.

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We are among the well-known PVC welding rod sellers that have achieved the benchmark of being the best store in the region. You can get diverse types of rods based on the needs and specifications of materials. We give the best rods that offer high resistance against chemicals and are easily bondable.

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Our highlighted services signify professionalism as we offer discounts and sale offers and serve the customers with highly durable products.

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Our passionate team does everything possible to get your work done effectively and makes free visits to your home for the proper inspections.

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We have the most humble yet professional team at the service that will assist you with selecting premium quality products and solve your queries instantly.

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We are renowned as the top PVC welding & PVC Skirting supplier throughout the locality because we are focused on giving the best solutions to clients for repairing and fixing their home PVC pipes and other applications. You can get sublime services for PVC welding rods from us at cost-effective rates. Our professional repair and weld work will ensure excellent dimensional stability, and you can get a guarantee over the usage of quality materials.

Our skillful team will be at your service 24/7 and respond to you quickly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our PVC Welding rods have a completely different and unique construction as compared to other materials used for welding. They are far more heavy-duty and extremely resistant to a number of factors, most importantly chemicals, corrosion, and moisture, hence great for every space.

PVC Welding Rods, as suggested by the name, are primarily employed in the welding and repairing of pipes, flooring installations and wire insulations. These rods are exceptionally functional and their resilience makes them a suitable choice for all spaces where other materials such as metal rods fail to perform.

The most common types of PVC Welding Rods are PVC Type 1 Welding Rods, Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) Welding Rods, Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVDF) Welding Rods, Unplasticized PVC Welding Rods (PVC-U), Chlorinated PVC Welding Rods (PVC-C), PVC Foam Welding Rods, High Impact PVC Welding Rods and others.

Indeed, our PVC Welding rods are functional and multipurpose enough to be used for every setting and requirement. They can be employed at both residential and commercial levels for various purposes like plumbing repairs, swimming pool maintenance, aquarium constructions, chemical processing, water treatment plants, and industrial-grade piping systems.

The standard melting point of PVC Welding Rods ranges between 320 ℉ and 410 ℉. The melting point of PVC Welding Rods is determined by the type of PVC and additional modifiers and elements present in their construction, which is to say that the boiling point varies in accordance with these factors.

The first step to storing PVC Welding rods is to have them placed in a single row or in an upright position, so that they remain free from cracking, breakage and bending. Avoid storing them in damp areas since that can majorly damage their functionality. Besides, UV exposure and contaminants must also be kept away from the rods.

Yes, our PVC Welding Rods are entirely eco-friendly, recyclable and energy-efficient as well. However, proper disposal practices/methods must be ensured in order to prevent the rods from becoming an environmental hazard.