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We welcome you to the UAE’s largest flooring manufacturing company. We at Flooring Abu Dhabi provide all our customers with premium quality flooring to make their homes beautiful, attractive, glorifying, and mind-blowing.

Our company is an ideal store for anything related to flooring, including planks, sanding machines for floors, nailing machines, glues, lacquers, oils, primers, cleaners, and more. You will find everything you need, from subfloor preparation to installation to the finishes to post-installation maintenance, from us.

We are specialists in every field related to flooring. No matter if our customers want wooden flooring or its installation, we are always here to serve them with our expert services. Our professional team of workers is always ready to deliver and install our premium-quality laminate and vinyl flooring.

Classic Flooring In UAE
Solid Flooring In UAE
Durable Flooring In Abu Dhabi
Vinyl Flooring Dubai

No.1 Flooring Manufacturing Company

We are ranked as the No. 1 flooring company in 2022 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We won this rank because of the customer satisfaction with our work and flooring quality. The pleasing looks of our floors make them unique from all other floors and add extra attractiveness and style to any place.

The flooring that we manufacture for our customers is free from all flaws. Our flooring has a unique texture that gives coziness to the place and never gets dirty. The stain-resistant formula that we use in the making of our flooring is a masterpiece that prevents our flooring from all types of stains and makes it safe for children and pets.

From real wood to hardwood flooring, laminate to vinyl flooring, ceramic to epoxy flooring, bamboo to cork flooring, carpet to stone flooring, our floors are unique and enchanting.

You Can Get All Types Of Flooring From Us

Flooring Abu Dhabi, being a pioneer in flooring in the UAE, has become synonymous with Engineered HardWood Floors, Solid Hardwood Floors, Design Floors, Laminate Floors, Sports & Dance Floors, Outdoor Decking, Skirting, and Flooring Equipment.

We provide not only laminate and vinyl flooring but all other types of flooring such as bamboo wood flooring, cork flooring, ceramic flooring, porcelain flooring, natural stone flooring, epoxy flooring, carpet flooring, carpet tiles, marble floors, and many others.

Establishment | Years Of Experience

Flooring Abu Dhabi was established in 2001. It’s been 21 years since we have been providing flooring all over the UAE.

The reputation of our company has been good from the start, and now we have gained a name in the list of top manufacturers of flooring in the UAE. We have a team of experienced technicians who have been working for us for over 15 years and have experience in completing different projects.

Wooden Parquet FLooring

Our craftworkers can handle all situations, no matter how bad the quality of your floor is. We can install your favorite flooring on it with the use of our professional skills and the latest techniques.

Flooring Abu Dhabi Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality flooring at reasonable prices and with consistent service. We Are Dedicated To Fulfilling All The Needs Of Our Customers Regarding Flooring.

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