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Parquet is a block-style wooden flooring design that is getting hyped because of the luxurious look it adds to the place. We provide all the services for parquet flooring Abu Dhabi starting from instant online assistance to clear your doubts and ending with the expert installation of the wood parquet floors at your place.

We provide endless design options for parquet floor to elevate the interior.
Our professionals ensure all-time availability so that you can connect with us anytime.
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The world is getting advanced, and we understand the need of the hour. It seems challenging to spare your time to visit a store; we have created an online store of our leading Parquet floor brand to prioritize your convenience. Our experts are every-hour available to provide you with the best and most cost-effective assistance regarding our services and goods.

To approach our experts for booking parquet flooring Dubai services, send us an online request and get instant replies from our enthusiastic team. We offer a soft form of our catalog so you can explore our high-quality parquet floor texture and design collection. We send parquet’s free samples to your doorstep in the UAE to make you sure about the quality.

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Advantages Of Our Luxurious Parquet Wood Flooring in Abu Dhabi

We are the leading parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai that are focused on serving high-quality Parquet Floor Abu Dhabi. Our store’s luxurious parkay floor collection is beautifully covered with high functionality. The features include resistance against scratches because of the protective cost we always remember installing on it. Our team offers parquet in planks and parquet tiles per the place’s requirements. These shapes come with an interlocking system to provide high stability within an affordable price range.

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Affordable Floor Installation 

We Offer Expert Parquet Wood Flooring Installation 

Installation of the parquet floor needs to be followed by expert methods if you want to avoid it later on troubles. The experts on our team know the exact methods to install the entire floor smoothly without mistakes. Also, our brand offers attractive rates on every parquet flooring treatment in Abu Dhabi.


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FlooringAbuDhabi is the leading UAE flooring store that serves the entire nation with the physical store for remarkable services and is available online for every second flooring assistance. We use oak, walnut, maple, and cherry wood types in creating luxurious parquet flooring Abu Dhabi and the most popular designs of our store are traditional, herringbone, and modern patterns.

Removal Of Existing Floor

As per your requirements, we remove the existing floor so that you get the complete flooring services on a single platform.

Free Catalog And Samples

We send our professionals with the free sample and catalog at your doorsill in the UAE so that you can explore our collection and quality.

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Send us a request to book our remarkable flooring services in the UAE, or fill out our free form to get updated.

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FlooringAbuDhabi is a top-notch brand that serves high-quality parquet flooring Abu Dhabi treatments at an affordable price. The wood floor parquet collection we provide is designed to match the interior of your place.

We offer high-class flooring assistance in the United Arab Emirates that you can enjoy with a single click. Our professional staff tosses attractive discount offers seasonally to meet your needs.

Explore our trendy parquet collection by booking our free catalog service in the UAE.
Before placing your order, send us a request to get free required samples and check out the quality of our products.
We claim every second online availability of our staff minus waiting hours from your list.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Better to use a dry mop for cleaning a parquet floor, but you can also wet mop the entire floor on alternate days. Use lukewarm water and a chemical-free cleaner to remove stubborn stains.

Proper maintenance allows these floorings to last more than fifteen years without losing their intact nature and luxurious looks. We add a protective coat on our parquet floors which helps add some more years to its life.

Parquet is a design, and parquet wooden floor means the wood floor is styled with the specific parquet design. Parquet means small blocks, which is why this design mainly contains a block-patterned geometrical pattern.